What to write in your marketing plan?

Your step by step guide to success

Allegue Wessim
9 min readApr 9, 2020


For 5 years now, I´ve been selling marketing plans online.

At first, to be honest I had no intention of scaling this service as I was more interested in the managerial part of the business.

Meanwhile, marketing and digitalization became the pillars of modern business.

So I decided to push this side hustle more by keeping myself up to date with the latest technologies and by improving my service.

And let me tell you that I didn´t regret it: the amount of people in need of marketing plans is shocking and some people are willing to pay big money for it. This helped me generate a stable income and to have a diversified portfolio of clients and projects.

Moreover, until now, I only had one client that didn´t accept or like my work.

So without further ado, here is your guide to creating a marketing plan that will stun your clients and generate money.

1. Make sure you have all your requirements before you start:

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No matter how you got the job or if you are working for yourself, you will need to collect or the links associated with the business and to have concrete goals. This will ensure that the service you provide will automatically meet your clients' needs and decrease your rejection rate. So take the time to talk with your clients and understand their needs.

If you can´t talk with your clients, make sure to include this form in your freelancing platform or website:

  • Overview of the business:
  • Website and social media links:
  • Goals:
  • Budget

With these pieces of information, you have more than enough to get going.

2. Introduction

With everything we need in our hands, the real job starts.

You will need to research and understand the macro environment of the business: What are the benefits, What is attractive about it and What are the current problems associated with it.



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