MeWe: the next-gen social media platform that is not for sale

Giving privacy back to users

Allegue Wessim
4 min readApr 24, 2020


It´s been a long time since a serious player didn´t show on my radar.

The last time I shared with you about the blockchain-based social media Minds. Madlipz since then managed to gain some traction but still didn´t show encouraging signs.

Doing my usual research today, I stumbled upon a severe new player that is aiming to break all the pre-established barriers we thought possible.

Indeed, MeWe is targeting one of the biggest issues within social media platforms now: Privacy

With current social media sites being crowded with advertisements, social quizzes, and just general clutter, this app puts the users first instead of the shareholders by only showing content that you want to see and more importantly by protecting their online privacy.

The platform was created back in 2012 by Jonathan Wolfe and Mark Weinstein and has over 2 million users. They won many rewards since and according to Google Play was the top trending social media app back in December 2018.

They are still far from concurrence the current giants, but when asked about it the CEO said:

Facebook is for your public life, and MeWe is for your real life

It is not designed to be a concurrent to Facebook but a supplement instead. A free space where you can be as authentic as you want.

How does it work?

Engineered with privacy by design, MeWe is a social media platform where you get every feature like newsfeeds, groups, private chats, and live voice and video next-gen voice messaging, secret chat with double-ratchet encryption; personal social cloud, custom group profiles, and much more, but for free.

The content is 100% owned by the users and protected by the MeWe privacy bill of right.

Moreover, your content is distributed to all of your networks and you can even personalize who can see it. The newsfeeds are in true timeline order and there is no content modification made.

What are the key features of the platform?



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