I used these troubled times to commit to my dreams

How I finally decided to dedicate myself to be a full-time writer, freelancer, and podcaster

Allegue Wessim


Photo by Vlad Chețan from Pexels

Back in March, when the lockdown started, and like most of us, I found myself facing multiple choices: Either stay in Berlin and find a job, or changing my path to become a full-time nomad author and freelancer.

To be honest the first weeks, I didn´t do much of thinking or execution.

Instead, I purchased 7 different games of the ´Assasin´s Creed´ franchise. I spent 2 weeks wandering in those different words and historical cities.

But, when it was over, a couple of things were clear:

First I wasn´t much into gaming anymore and second, confinement made me realize that I wasn´t satisfied with the path I was taken.

So like every time I find myself in a picky situation, I turned towards the books that made me change perspectives about life.

From 12 rules of life to predictably irrational, I immersed myself in these books to clear my mind and find my answers.

To clarify this journey I am going to divide into 3 different steps:

1- Recalibration

Finding a way back can be quite challenging and especially during confinement times where most of us lost their landmarks.

According to Dan Ariely, the author of predictably irrational, getting rid of the problems directly from the roots and quick is the best way to proceed. It might spike up your pain and fear levels but in the long run, it can only benefit you. As an experience to demonstrate this, Dan used his own life. The author was burned over 70% of his body and used the way that the nurses used to remove his pads as a variable. He found out pretty quickly that a short yet extreme pain level was way more manageable than a slow and medium one.

So I applied to the same principle to my life: I eliminated bad food from my diet, fixed my sleep schedule, and went back to the things that helped me clear my minds like meditation, music, and sports.

Within one week of fixing my schedule, amazing things started to happen: I regained my passion…



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