How to be a streamer in 2020

Get your notepads ready, here comes the masterclass

Allegue Wessim
4 min readFeb 20, 2020


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As long as I can remember, I was always passionate about gaming.

If you would have told me that with streaming I would have been able to monetize my passion, I surely would quit school and pursued this career.

Yet the market was not ready, and the streaming was not as profitable if not at all existent back then.

Now streaming has evolved so much that it transcended gaming: From art events to vlogging, entrepreneurs are trying to build a brand around their personal life or business.

The market became crowded and the competition became fierce. Long gone are the days where people were not expecting quality content or value. Top streamer viewers started to fade away a bit because of the diversity of content out there.

Now you could ask yourself: is there a formula that streamers are using to ensure their success? And the answer is yes.

So from top streamers like Tyler1, Disguised Toast or MrBeast, I collected some of their top advice that ensures the success of their content.

1- Get good at your craft:

If you didn´t understand it already, people are going to watch your content because you excel at a particular skill: that can be entertaining, educational or emotional.

Once you find your activity or game, spend at least 1000 hours perfecting your craft.

What triggers most people to follow a streamer is their inability to reproduce his actions.

And nowadays, most often than not, you will need to become an expert. We live in an era where only the best are praised.

Make it your obsession to become the best in your market ( the world can be too hard for most of us).

Once you complete this task you will proceed to

2- Trial and error

Now that you found the tool that is going to make you succeed, you need to figure out which format suits the best your audience.

Because truth is, it is not about what you but the viewers.



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