Understanding the mechanisms and how to remedy

For so long, I thought that procrastination was a bad phenomenon that I experienced on regular basis. My interests were varied and some tasks seemed easier to complete than others depending on the period or format.

The problem was at some point I decided to venture into entrepreneurship, freelancing, and…

When branding is done right

If you go and research the term branding on Google, you´ll find a definition that goes along this way

Branding, by definition, is a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol, or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company”

Is branding really limited to…

How your marketing decisions impact your business

Many entrepreneurs or business owners make the mistake to focus on the short-term goals and vision when it comes to marketing strategies.

The term “marketing myopia” was invented in the '60s by Theodor Levitt in an article written for the Harvard Business Review.

It described companies who chose to focus…

Kell´s secret for virality

If you missed the incredible ascension of Colson Baker alias MGK, you either not watching TV, Youtube, or the radio.

Indeed, the US rapper was everywhere: From the infamous clash with Eminem to collaborating with stars like Travis Barker, Marilyn Manson, or Jack Harlow.

One questions remain: was it all…

Allegue Wessim

30 y/o dude🇹🇳Documenting my journey to create the biggest artistic collaboration platform 🙌

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