9 Winning Local Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Restaurants are struggling during this pandemic. Let´s help out!

Allegue Wessim
6 min readApr 29, 2021


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Many sectors have been hit quite hard since this pandemic started.

One of the most impacted is restaurants.

Since some can´t accept customers in their restaurant and others never bothered to create an online presence, it´s been quite hard for them to survive and grow.

Here are some tips that will help your business strive

1. Ask your clients

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Most of the restaurants get caught in their own problems that they forget their primary focus: customers

Indeed who better to tell you what they want or how you could improve your services.

Don´t hesitate to reach out and ask them about their preferences, things to be implemented or removed from your menu, or buying cycle.

It will be detrimental to rely on them to cut down on costs and maximize your revenue.

List down what´s most important to your clients as well: food or experience to know what´s best to focus on moving forward.

2. Modernise your website

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I can´t state this enough: your website is at the heart of your online presence. It´s where we are going to attract customers, finalize them and keep them informed about offers and changes.

It is essential to make an appealing website with your story, products, subscription section, blog, and contact.

Make sure to keep it fast and responsive to not be penalized by Google ranking services.

You can also analyze preferences, behavior, and demographics to refine your target market.

3. Email Marketing still works



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