7 Marketing Lessons From Machine Gun Kelly

Kell´s secret for virality

Allegue Wessim
4 min readJun 29, 2020


If you missed the incredible ascension of Colson Baker alias MGK, you either not watching TV, Youtube, or the radio.

Indeed, the US rapper was everywhere: From the infamous clash with Eminem to collaborating with stars like Travis Barker, Marilyn Manson, or Jack Harlow.

One questions remain: was it all coincidences or a genius marketing move?

Let´s get to the bottom of this as we will try to learn from the artist

1.Create your own audience

MGK started his career as a metal singer but was fast fascinated with being a rapper.

To be honest, the US rapper was not the pioneer of this genre as bands like Linkin Park, Rage Against the Machine, or POD already ventured within a niche.

One thing that separated Colson from the crowd though was the fact that he worked on them separately: Instead of mixing them, he produced metal albums as well as rap and rock ones.

That being said the artist still revolutionized live performances within the rap industry as he imported the concept of mosh pits from the metal culture.

No matter how diversified your interests maybe don´t be afraid to give everything a try as uniqueness will certainly emerge when you blend different elements within your strategy.

2. Honesty Pays

I heard so much this sentence before: Don´t open up about your insecurities or vulnerabilities! People will exploit them.

This advice can´t be further from the truth when it comes to marketing or strategy.

Being honest will not only protect you from potential problems, but it will also reinforce your brand.

These last couple of years, MGK opened up a lot about his mental health issues and his journey which made him extremely relatable.

3. Don´t be afraid of controversy



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